A practicing artist/maker for 20 years, Courtney Miller Bellairs has a multi-disciplinary practice as an artist, architectural educator, designer and academic leader. Her areas of research and practice focus on: conceptual thinking and processes, visual literacy, design pedagogy and fundamentals, representation and visual practice, drawing and image-making in multiple mediums, color theory, field drawing, integrating the Arts into her teaching, set design and art, architecture and the church,1950s French Sacred Art and Architecture commissioned by M.-A. Couturier.
Courtney's conceptual works and paintings explore the relationships between art and architecture and the feelings produced by architecture.Orthographic drawings are important tools for understanding her paintings. Her most notable commission, for the Crown Estate in London, Courtney has exhibited widely in the USA and UK and her pieces are included in private and corporate collections throughout the US, UK, South Africa, Australia and China.
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Featured in British Vogue, British House and Garden and World of Interiors. Fine Art Prints ETSY FormSpaceLight. Textiles VIDA